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Corporate Wellness

Not just another app.


Not just another program to do on your own, and on your own time.



Provide virtual or in-person gentle yoga and movement classes for your team. Designed for all experience levels, no experience necessary. Classes include a variety of movements to promote mental and physical well being. Classes can also be short segments added to conferences, outings, or team meetings.



Educate your team on wellness topics affecting those in the workplace with educational and experiential workshops to promote healthy habits in and out of the office. Such as breath awareness, desk movement, or different ways to sit.

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Custom Communities

Customizable and branded online wellness community that provides a mix of wellness offerings including classes, workshops, and on-demand content. Chose what your team wants and leaving the rest. Includes access to 925 Wellness collaboration partners.

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Why Provide Wellness In The Workplace?



More than 90% of business leaders say that promoting wellness can affect employee productivity and performance - HERO

Movement and simply being aware of what is happening in one's body can boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as reduce aches and pains that disrupt the work day.


Workplace Excellence

52% stated they believed they would be more successful in both work and life with access to holistic benefits. -MetLife

Wellness benefits can provide both work life and home life benefits. Promoting wellbeing at work encourages healthy habits creating happy employees.


Mental Wellbeing

Nearly 3 in 5 employees reported negative impacts of work-related stress, including lack of interest, motivation, or energy and lack of effort at work. - APA

Learning how to relieve and manage stress can help prevent burnout. Burnout can affect not only the employee but the whole team.

Kiley M.

“Christie’s knowledge & passion for corporate wellness is truly infectious! In just my first session she changed the way I think about how I sit at my desk each day. "

Grow Your Vision

Bringing wellness into the workplace isn’t about just checking a box to keep the peace. When your team members have time for and access to wellness resources they are more productive, attentive, and invested in their work.  

925 Wellness provides functional ways to infuse the work day with more movement as well as addressing common mind and body ailments and complaints that come from everyday work environments. 

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