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Private Wellness

Because personal wellness is not one size fits all. It should be functional and customized to your needs.


Private Classes 

One-on-One classes are perfect for anyone, whether you practice regularly or not at all. Functional yoga and movement is a great way to safely move the body and is for everyone! Take advantage of the immense benefits available both physically and mentally from creating a movement practice. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


Group Classes

Group classes can be taken virtually as well as in person and will be fully led with both verbal and visual cues. These classes are great for all experience levels from novice to experienced. Take time exploring poses and new movements as well as flowing with the breath. Check out the group class calendar or request your own unique group class!



Workshops provide a more intensive way to experience wellness through themed group classes that provide both movement and education to provide long lasting benefits aimed at improving quality of life and keeping you living your fullest life.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Why Functional Movement?



Are you struggling physically with daily tasks?


Functional movement focuses on what your body needs to perform daily tasks, activities, and sports. Rather than just "exercising", the focus is on how to move the body better to live the life you want.


Life Proof

Are you being held back from participating in your favorite activities?

Functional movement aims to provide movements that align with your goals and lifestyle, with little to no equipment. Movements are meant to help you "function" better in life bridging the gap between class and daily life.


Mental Wellbeing

Overwhelmed with stress and anxiety?


Movement and simply being aware of what is happening in one's body can boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as reduce aches and pains that disrupt the day. 

T. Lawrance

"Christie was amazing! She has so much knowledge in explaining movement and structure of our feet. I feel confident that I will regain my strength and mobility. Christie was able to tune into my weaknesses and paint a positive future for me. I have  MS which challenges  my balance & stability. Thank you Christie for setting me on the right foot for success."

Live Your Best Life

Our wellness goals are not usually defined as the exercises we perform but rather the kind of activities we want to do. Whether that is play with your grandchildren, play your best game of golf, or hike to a breathtaking waterfall. Having a healthy and varied movement profile helps you to live the active lifestyle you desire. 

925 Wellness provides accessible and functional wellness for all activity levels. Taking a real life approach to movements helps to infuse your day to day with more movement improving your standard of living.

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