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Foundational Health:
From the ground up

SEPTEMBER 28th 2024 | 9AM -11:30 | BRIGHTON MI

An in-person workshop designed to help you distill how the health and strength of our feet effect full body wellness, help you get acquainted with the power of our feet, and how to build strength that goes beyond them.



Learn how the health of our feet affects the whole body and how to leverage these new skills to improve full body wellness.



Reconnect and feel comfortable with your feet by building awareness of our own compensation patterns and habits.


Test and Experiment

Improve foot health, mobility, and strength through hands on exercises that you can continue to do at home.


Why caring for your feet is essential



Our feet is our foundation.


As we move through life our feet is the vehicle moving us through. If we have a faulty foundation that can create movement compensations, and often pain, in other areas of the body.


Balance / Stability

Being able to balance and feel safe on our feet is essential to movement.

When we place our feet in shoes that are too small or constantly keep them covered we are negatively affecting their health and strength. Bringing attention to the feet can help maintain and increase our balance and stability, reducing fall and injury risks.


Full Body Wellness

The feet are not isolated from the rest of the body, they are part of it.


When we have disfunction in the feet that creates a chain of compensation that then causes dysfunction and discomfort in other areas of the body such as the knees, hips, lower back, and even the jaw. O

D. Roberts

"I loved the Foundational Health from the Ground Up Workshop, and highly recommend anyone who is having issues with their feet take it!!! I especially found her thoughts about being barefoot intriguing and the shoes she recommended to simulate being barefoot very helpful!!"

Who is this workshop for?

Everyone! This workshop is perfect for anyone with foot pain or discomfort, work on their feet or with them, experience balance and stability challenges, or individuals interested in a barefoot lifestyle.

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