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Lems Boulder Boot Review

Lems boulder boot review

The Boulder Boot by Lems, a Colorado company, is a great boot if you are transitioning to minimalist shoes. This boot is a versatile option making a great choice for a work boot, hiking, or winter boot as they do a great job of keeping the moisture out. This ankle high boot comes in leather, nylon, or vegan materials. So, let's take a look at what makes this boot great! 

Lem’s Boulder Boot Pros: 

  • Wide Toe Box: These boots offer a wide toe box giving your toes plenty of room. The more square-like toe shape allowed my toes to spread naturally and not be pushed in together. 

  • Zero Drop: The Boulder boots offers a zero drop heel meaning that there is no elevation change in the sole of the boot. This leaves your ankle in a more neutral position. 

  • Waterproof: I have taken these boots through mud, a lot of mud, and snow without getting my feet wet once. I even accidentally stepped into a stream and still had no water in my boot. The leather option cleans up nicely and despite using them around the yard as well as on hikes they clean up very well. 

  • Built to last: I purchased the leather option and have found that these boots are very durable. I wear them often outside and on the trails, despite two years of use they show very little wear. 

  • No toe or heel rub: Due to the wide toe box and heel shape I have had no issues with any rubbing or pinching. 

Lem’s Boulder Boot Cons:

  • A bit stiff: If you are looking for a barefoot or minimalist hiking boot this is a bit stiffer than I was looking for but it is a great transition boot for those who still need a little more support. Although, I believe the newer versions are a little more flexible in the sole. 

  • Low tread: Traction is a bit of an issue if you are using more so for hiking boots. In muddy or slippery terrain they do not have much grip. I found myself slipping and losing footing often on the last two hikes I wore them on where there was some form of precipitation on the ground. 

  • Run on the small side: Even after sizing up a half size which is usually my go to when ordering hiking boots, and the recommendation by Lems,  these were still too small for me. It would have been better to order a full size larger than I normally do, so you may want to take that into consideration when choosing your sizing. 

Overall, I highly recommend this boot both as a transition shoe as well as a work boot option. Due to the low profile tread I have switched them out for a different hiking boot that offers more grip, however they are still my go to work boots for doing yard work and other such activities. 

You can check them out at:

Lems boulder boot after a 6 mile hike

*After a 6+ mile hike through Hocking Hills Ohio


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