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Video: Movement Across Cultures

Video: movement across cultures

The last year has brought many opportunities to connect with individuals across the globe. Each connection creating a new and unique bond, stories were shared, and connections made.

I enjoyed our conversations so much I had to invite Sofia Dagg, Olga Nikitidou Rosenberg, and Irene Anggreeni, PhD, MA to join me in a group conversation where we shared own unique history, perspective, and admiration for movement. We explored how modern conveniences have shaped movement patterns, culture, aging, and ancestral influences on how we move.

Watch the full conversation here:


Take a moment and connect with our amazing guests:

Sofia Dagg

Elemental Empress Medicine

Location: Ireland


Instagram: @elementalempressmedicine


Olga Nikitidou Rosenberg

Olga Rosenberg Coaching

Location: South of Sweden (Karlskrona)


Instagram: @olga_rosenberg_coaching


Irene Anggreeni

Leader's Path through Depression

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands


Instagram: @expatwellbeing


YouTube: @irenedepressioncoach

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