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Earth Runner Sandal Review 

Earth Runner Sandal Review

Did you know that the ever popular flip flop actually puts a good amount of strain on the foot, especially the toes? When we spend large amounts of time with our feet stuck in shoes, toes become weak and tight. If you are in an area like mine as soon as the weather gets slightly warm everyone is kicking off their shoes and grabbing their sandals. But, those weak toes are now put to work trying to keep your sandals on making them not the most foot friendly option as the big toes take on their deathgrip. Instead, try Earth Runners! These sandals take a minimalist approach in many ways from design to function. Their design keeps them secure to the foot making them a foot friendly option.  So let's dig into it! 

Earth Runner Pros: 

  • Flat: The soles are flat with no heel. I personally never understood or liked heels on sandals. 

  • Flexible: These sandals are very flexible and lightweight. They do offer different sole thicknesses based on how much ground feel you would like. 

  • Secured to your foot: The strap design keeps the sandal secured to your foot so your toes no longer have to work overtime trying to keep them on your feet. If going from loosey goosey flip flops to a more secure footwear it may take a moment for your toes to learn that they don’t need to work to keep your sandals on your feet. 

  • Minimalist design: The straps are minimalist in design and fully adjustable. I find them comfortable on my feet and barely even notice they are there. They also use a moisture wicking canvas footbed that I really enjoy compared to a rubber footbed.

  • Options, Options, Options: Not only do they offer different sole thicknesses (slim, mid, and thick), they also offer a large variety of strap or lace colors, two lace styles, as well as two sole styles if choosing midsoles. 

  • Versatile usability: These sandals can be worn for so many activities and occasions. I have worn them with dresses at summer events, throughout the day, as well as on summer hikes. If you are not ready to go barefoot on the trail I have really enjoyed taking my Earth Runners along. 

  • Durable: I have worn my Earth Runners practically everyday from Spring to snow on the ground and they show little signs of wear in the sole, footbed, and lace. After a wash and a little scrub they look practically new. 

Earth Runner Cons: 

  • Straps take some adjusting: The strap is made of one continuous lace, as they call them, meaning that they are highly adjustable. However, they do take some fidgeting to get them just right. 

  • Buckles: The buckles are plastic and let you adjust the lace tightness. I do find that I have one buckle that likes to come undone making the lace loosen as I walk. However, I know several other individuals who do not have this issue so it may just be that one particular buckle. 

If you are looking for a sandal that is going to work with your feet rather than against them I highly recommend trying out Earth Runners. They are a versatile sandal with a minimalist design that can be worn partially anywhere for any activity. 

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